Don't Go There ~ Just Try Me

Birthday Request

A person should not freeze to death on their birthday.

I will share my presents with the first person to figure out what's wrong with the thermostat in my quarters.

I have Vuitton and I'm not afraid to use it.
Don't Go There ~ Just Try Me


I have always been fond of Mr. Haller's thoroughness in trying to alleviate stress around uncomfortable situations as sensitive as this one. But I want to assure every one here, if there was the slightest hint of shadow falling over this school. I promise that it would not cross the outer walls before it was annihilated.

I must say, it's lovely to be back and I look forward to meeting you all.


After spending a god awful month in the armpit of the Middle East, I am happily back in the city.

Before you ask, I am quite used to traveling to far off places but I can't help but miss the creature comforts of home. And while, I've never been a person to suffer the will of particular cravings but for this entire trip I couldn't help but want to eat swine and imbue alcohol like a typical heathen. You can understand my problem, well maybe some of you can, but for the unenlightened I was in an Islamic state for the past four weeks, so you can imagine this unexpected craving became quite bothersome.

So, while I'm back I will be around but not necessarily available for the next few hours.

Don't laugh. It's a vice and one I'm happy to accommodate.

Recent Outdoor Activities

I've given this some thought and is a concern that I feel needs to be voiced.

It is about time we "post signs" at the Gate. You know, similar to what you Americans use with wild dogs to warn trespassers to stay off your property or postings on highways to warn of impending doom and devastation. Every year without fail, individuals with little to no restraint have been allowed free reign on these grounds with no regard to unsuspecting visitors. We have at times housed a wide array of guests with and without mutant abilities and I would hope that we'd take the time and give the courtesy of warning our guests that these snow bandits have been set out. This is only a suggestion but if Cain were here, I'm sure he'd agree but since he's not - this duty sadly falls to me.

Angel, you may think I don't know who you are but I do and I look forward to meeting you formally in the near future without said snowball.
On the market ~ pouty lips

(no subject)

Normally, I would be ashamed to admit
That I had a drink with a man so fit
He was quite young and even cute
With a wink of his eyes I can't refute
That the vile bastard spiked with Green Speed
My glass and now I am in need
Of a muzzle.
On the market ~ pouty lips

Recent Events....

I want to extend my humblest apologies to those that were directly and indirectly affected by my behavior this past week. I cannot excuse my actions while I was bereft of my faculties and I am truly sorry for my them.

I am simply grateful no one was too badly hurt in the process.


Since I can't find you and I've just been told you no longer live here. Let me tell you, what a surprise that was. I thought to leave a message for you here since you are still apparently able to access the journals.


You are an idiot.

Don't Go There ~ Just Try Me

Loyalty knows no Bounds.....

I know that while I no longer live at the school and changes are to be expected with each new term.

But I think this is broaching on the realm of the ridiculous.

I have only been away from the school for a week. A week. And though nothing I say will come as close to explaining the ordeal that is San Francisco. Someone answer me this -- who in the blazes are all these little people? I must say I found a reservoir of strength today and kept myself from pummeling the cute little urchin that helped pour coffee all over my blouse this afternoon.

And through it all, we've somehow reclaimed a Tabitha and Monet all in one week? There must've been Beluga Caviar and Dom offered to pry Monet's materialistic little hands from the depths of her substantial lifestyle.

Pete, perhaps we should look at Xavier's tactics? The man seems have a veritable wealth in recruitment skills and I'm in dire need of a human shield ala personal assistant.